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Animal Sanctuaries Locations Guide – Ghost of Tsushima Wiki Guide

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Animal Sanctuaries Explained

Each Animal Sanctuary is home to several one of three types of animal: Deer, Cats and Monkeys. Each animal has an exclusive Major Charm associated with it, and finding more of them will improve the Charm, making it more useful.

  • Cat Sanctuaries: Nekoma’s Hunt – Kunai Assassinations
  • Monkey Sanctuaries: Mashira’s Protection – Larger Parry/Dodge window on Heal
  • Deer Sanctuaries: Sugaru’s Sight – Headshot Lock-on, fire multiple arrows

You can find these locations even more easily by learning the Wind of Harmony Technique in the Samurai tab of the Techniques menu: this allows you to have the Guiding Wind blow in the direction of the nearest Animal Sanctuary on the island, as long as you’re wearing the Traveler’s Attire.

Cat Sanctuaries Reward: The reward for Cat Sanctuaries is the Charm of Nekoma’s Hunt, a Stealth Charm great for Ghost, Ronin and other Stealth loadouts. The Charm has two perks:

  • Kunai can now be used in Chain Assassinations, making it much easier to kill multiple distant enemies at once in quick succession.
  • Kunai can also be used for normal Assassinations. The range of this can be extended by honouring more Cat Sanctuaries, for a total of 25 meters.

Kidafure Battleground Cat Sanctuary


This Cat Sanctuary is located in the Northern area of Kidafure Battleground, on the West bank of the river and just East of Old Gambler’s Wood. You can find the Sanctuary in an area overgrown by kudzu, although it may be occupied by Mongols.

Flower Field Cat Sanctuary

This Cat Sanctuary is located in the large field of flowers with the dead tree, West of Zasho River and South of where The Eagle’s Cry tale concludes. You can find it on the West bank of the river. Beware when sitting down to honor it: Jin will be attacked by Mongol Bankhar Dogs who are bolstered by a Shaman. Take out the Shaman first and then kill the dogs.

Thunderhead Cliffs Cat Sanctuary

This Cat Sanctuary can be found in Thunderhead Cliffs, in the North-East corner of Iki Island. It’ll be on an island peninsula and guarded by a few Mongols. They’ll have Hawks, so make sure to take these birds out first if you intend to go in as the Ghost.

Monkey Sanctuaries Reward: Monkey Sanctuaries award and improve the Charm of Mashira’s Protection, a Charm that is great for those who parry or dodge a lot (we recommend you pair it with Charms that increase Resolve gains). It has one perk:

  • When you heal, the windows for Perfect Parry and Perfect Dodge are extended for several seconds. However, healing will cost an extra Resolve point. The time period for increased windows can be extended by honoring more Monkey Sanctuaries, for a total of 12 seconds.

Raider’s Promontory Monkey Sanctuary

This Monkey Sanctuary is located on the island called Raider’s Promontory, on the Northern coast of Iki Island. It’s close to the shipwreck of the boat you find during the A Lost Friend Tale, just to the North of it. This Sanctuary has also been invaded by Mongols: you’ll need to defeat a group of them and then free the monkeys from a nearby cage before you can honor it.

Saruiwa Overlook Monkey Sanctuary

This Monkey Sanctuary is another that has been taken over by the Mongols, and is located West of Buddha’s Footprints. You won’t be able to use it however until you’ve cleared out the Mongol stronghold of Saruiwa Overlook nearby. You can free the Monkeys from their cages as you go, but this is optional: they’ll all be freed automatically after killing the Mongols.

Saruiwa Monkey Sanctuary

The Saruiwa Monkey Sanctuary is located on the top of the Saruiwa mountain, a beautiful landmark found in the South-West peninsula of Iki Island. Getting there will require a rather involved ascent that spirals around the entire mountain, and even a section where you have to go down, unintuitively enough.

Deer Sanctuaries Reward: The Reward for Deer Sanctuaries is the Charm of Sugaru’s Sight, an Archery Charm great for Tadayori and other Archery loadouts. The Charm has has two perks:

  • Fire up to three arrows from the bow, if you have enough ammo for it.
  • Aiming at a target will lock onto the target’s head. The time this takes can be reduced by honoring more Deer Sanctuaries, down to 1.75 seconds.

Sly Hunter’s Forest Deer Sanctuary

This Deer Sanctuary is found in Sly Hunter’s Forest, in the North-West region of Iki Island and just East of Survivor’s Coast, where Jin washed up at the beginning of the DLC’s story. It’ll be occupied by a nearby Mongol Camp, so you’ll have to defeat them before you can honor the sanctuary.

Shattered Cliffs Deer Sanctuary

This Deer Sanctuary is found South-West of Fune’s Refuge, located on the West coast of Iki Island. It’s at the top of the cliff edge, so you can find it very simply by going along the top of the cliff and heading South of Fume’s Refuge.

Zasho River Crossing Deer Sanctuary

This Deer Sanctuary is located in the Zasho River region. Unfortunately it’s been turned into a Mongol slaughtering ground for their meat and pelts, and thus is a Mongol stronghold you must clear out first. We recommend crossing the River via the Grapple points that go South across the river: this lets you take on the Mongols downhill, running atop the ropes for good Chain Assassinations.

Once the Mongols have been expelled, the Sanctuary is at the base of the tree on the island in the middle of the river.