January 17, 2022

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Canada’s Wonderland Has Had Plenty Of Ups & Downs This Year (VIDEOS)

It comes as no surprise that hordes of die-hard Canada’s Wonderland fans and thrill-seekers have hit up the beloved amusement park this year. While everyone is undoubtedly ecstatic that Wonderland is open again, this year’s reopening has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Since the amusement park reopened in early July, Wonderland stans have taken to social media to share their highs and lows to paint the experience for other prospective visitors.


When the ride gets stuck at the very top at Wonderland. Just a little sore

A week ago on July 18, the Lumberjack ride was stuck upside down with people onboard. “When the ride gets stuck at the very top at Wonderland. Just a little sore”, a TikTok user wrote, with the iconic “Oh No” song looping in the background of the clip.


We were about to get on the ride then this happened… #canadaswonderland #fy #foryoupage

Just a few days later on July 22, a different TikTok user posted a video of Skyhawk stopped with passengers reportedly suspended in mid-air for several minutes.

“The guests were returned to the ground safely. The ride is open and operating normally,” a representative of the park told Narcity.


this is one of my favourites too🤨 #canadaswonderland #vaughan #ontario #canada #wonderland

During the first week of Wonderland’s reopening, some park-goers reported several delays due to apparent technical difficulties and inclement weather.

With step three of the provincial reopening plan, amusement parks and waterparks like Wonderland and Splash Works can operate at 50% capacity indoors and 75% capacity outdoors with other restrictions in place too — so there were always going to be a lot of lines heading into the park.

One TikTok user eventually bought a FastPass to skip the lines, which apparently made all the difference and made going to Wonderland worth it.


#fyp #canadaswonderland there was literally no line ups😩

Some rollercoaster riders got the luck of the draw, however, and didn’t face any line-ups at all. Apparently, the trick for beating long waits is to arrive at the park first thing in the morning.


Blow this up so she can see it #canadaswonderland #july17 #fypシ #foryoupage #foryou

Even though Wonderland can get chaotic, it also evidently is a place to look for love. One TikTok user posted a Craigslist-like “missed connections” video in search of a “blonde girl who was at Canada’s Wonderland [July 17] and were in the Leviathan and the Drop Zone line.”

In the comments, the creator later posted: “Update: Found her!!!”


I was so scared for my phone 😖 #fypシ #xyzbca #rollercoaster #yukon #yukonstriker #leviathan #canada #canadaswonderland #6ixflags #disney

Other Wonderland parkgoers still ultimately had an incredible time, as some thrill riders shared their heart-palpitating adventures while riding down wild coasters like Leviathan and the Yukon Striker.

“Loose articles like phones are strictly prohibited on our rides, for the safety of all guests,” a representative of Wonderland wrote to Narcity.


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