February 4, 2023

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Deerfield, NH, Girl, Reels in a Monster of a Tuna

It was a sunny Sunday morning and Sage MacKenzie of Deerfield, New Hampshire, and her boyfriend Ryan Ham were aboard Ryan’s boat, the Reel Dependancy (I like a boat with a punny title) The day ahead of they headed out of Hampton Harbor and felt some motion on their line all around 6 pm. Regrettably the rascal received absent so Sage posted to Fb asking her mates send out some good tuna juju their way. Their system was to sleep on the boat and wake up shiny and early the subsequent day in hopes of redemption. Nicely, ask and you shall obtain!

Close to 11 am Sage was in the process of whipping up a PB&J. It is really a fantastic factor she had some fuel in her for what transpired next! THEY HOOKED UP! No, I am not speaking about Ryan and Sage, do not be fresh new. This is the phrasing she made use of. I am guessing “hooked up” is fisherman talk for they hooked a thing on their line. (men and women who actually fish, be sure to come to feel free of charge to suitable me)

Anyway, Sage obtained a main arm exercise hoping to reel this sucker in. Then Ryan took over even though Sage drove the boat in all unique directions in order to fight the tuna! Then they harpooned it, (how savage) tied a rope around the tail, and “swam” it at the rear of the boat for about an hour which suggests the fishy just form of hung off the back of the boat to get rid of the lactic acid develop up. (I acquired a great deal by talking to Sage. Are you impressed?) The total ordeal took about a few hrs from when they hooked the beast to when they ultimately bought him aboard.

So what is Sage’s magic formula to hooking a huge fish like this? They caught him on a squid! Other than that it is just practice, dedication, and not minding if your fingers smell a small fishy at the conclude of the day.

Behold Sage’s terrific capture:

330 lbs full, 279 lbs dressed, 90″

ALSO it experienced a huge ol’ shark bite on the aspect of it really is overall body. Wanna see?

Gnarly, appropriate?

Sage has been fishing her total everyday living so it truly is sort of in her DNA. She grew up fishing on her dad’s boat plus her grandma and grandpa had been big names in the fishing group. They owned the beloved sporting products keep Suds N’ Soda in Greenland wherever Sage labored for many a long time!

Sage lost her Grandma previous yr and she unquestionably felt her existence on the boat on Sunday. There is no question in my thoughts that Grammy was searching down at Sage and bragging to all people in heaven, “that’s my female!”

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