January 28, 2023

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Dyson Micro 1.5kg assessment: A featherweight cordless stick vacuum cleaner that is light-weight adequate for any individual to cope with

Dyson is so delighted with the weight of the Dyson Micro 1.5kg that it’s included it in the title. There’s no trickery listed here, it genuinely does weigh 1.5kg: which is 930g for the main device and the relaxation built up from the extension tube and motorised cleaner head. On my kitchen area scales, it totals 1.496kg.

With a variety of other improvements, some of which we see carried throughout from Dyson’s Omni-glide, the Micro 1.5kg is perfect for light-weight perform as a handheld and really hard floor cleaner.

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Dyson Micro 1.5kg overview: What you want to know

As you may assume from a 1.5kg cordless vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Micro system is reasonably compact. With the extension pole and Micro Fluffy head connected, it steps a mere 207 x 220 x 1,200mm (WDH). It is about the identical size as the most up-to-date top rated-of-the-range Dyson V15 Detect but with noticeably less bulk general. This also usually means it occupies considerably less house when mounted in the provided wall dock.

In the box, you get the most important vacuum device, an extension wand and Dyson’s new Micro Fluffy tricky floor cleaner head. The latter measures 207mm across in contrast with the 249mm of most other V-sequence vacuums. It’s proficiently the exact same structure, just shrunk down.

There’s also a handful of accessories in the box, including a mini motorised instrument (the common model, not the more recent hair screw device that comes with the V15), a combi crevice and dust brush software, and a worktop resource – a kind of angled funnel for clearing substantial spills when applying the Micro 1.5kg as a handheld.

This delivers an plan of Dyson’s intentions for the Micro 1.5kg design. It is a compact, lightweight vacuum that can double-up as a handheld. It is ideal for smaller flats with mostly tricky flooring, but is not suited to predominantly carpeted homes.

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Dyson Micro 1.5kg evaluate: Price and levels of competition

The Dyson Micro 1.5kg launches at £300, which is at the base conclusion of what you shell out for a Dyson these days and, at this rate, you are generally having an older model.

The Dyson V8 Animal, for occasion, expenditures £300 and will come with a multipurpose head that’s ideal for use on both of those carpet and tricky flooring. The V7 Animal is less expensive at £250 and will come with even a lot more extras. Both equally present similar ranges of suction and battery lifetime to the Micro 1.5kg but they are heavier, with the V7 weighing 2.32kg and the V8 weighing 2.56kg.

Heading in the reverse course value-clever, you can get a Dyson Cyclone V10 for £350, though the Dyson Omni-glide is a extra proficient tough ground vacuum cleaner with a distinct, wand-like grip for £399.

Transferring outside Dyson’s ranges, the Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity is a person of the lightest vacuum cleaners we have reviewed of late, despite the fact that it however weighs 2.5kg.

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Dyson Micro 1.5kg: Style and design and important characteristics

The Micro 1.5kg takes its glimpse and styling directly from Dyson’s V-series vacuums. It has the similar gun-like grip, which is relaxed to use equally in upright method and as a handheld. The deal with is a couple millimetres shorter than the larger designs, although, which felt a contact cramped to me – and my arms aren’t just huge.

Though most cordless Dysons have a trigger that desires to be held down to retain the vacuum working, the Micro 1.5kg employs a very simple on/off button. This is found on the leading of the main vacuum device, following to a second button which is employed to have interaction Max manner.

It’s somewhat awkward due to the fact you will need two hands to run the vacuum, but the profit is that, the moment it is working, there’s no will need to keep your finger on a trigger as you want to do with virtually every single other Dyson vacuum in the array.

Like most other Dysons (the latest versions excepted), there is no way to promptly detach the battery from the tackle for charging, whilst you can unscrew and remove it should it want to be replaced. A lot more frustratingly, the Micro 1.5kg also lacks the display on the back again of the filter or, certainly, any variety of battery capability sign, other than a blue light that flashes when it is getting lower and requires recharging.

The 1 location exactly where the Micro really life up to its name is the bin potential, which is only 200ml. That’s the exact dimensions as the Dyson Omni-glide but drastically more compact than regular when it will come to cordless adhere vacuums. It usually means you are possible to require to empty it often.

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Dyson Micro 1.5kg: Cleansing overall performance

As you’d hope from a Dyson, the cleaning energy of the Micro 1.5kg is excellent, even with its diminutive measurement. We recorded suction peaking at 9kPa in standard mode and 17.5kPa on its Max location, which is virtually identical to the Dyson Omni-glide and not far off what we see from most cordless vacuum cleaners. It simply cannot maintain a candle to the extra highly effective V-sequence machines, although. The Dyson V15 Detect can attain 31kPa on its Max environment.

I began my cleansing checks with a 26g spillage of Cheerios on a hard floor. The Micro Fluffy roller rejected about 4 Cheerios and despatched them scuttling across the floor but even now gathered 25g of the 26g in a single pass. Gathering the stray particles brought the full 26g into the assortment bin.

Whilst the Micro 1.5kg does not have a normal carpet attachment, I utilised its handheld instruments to endeavor to distinct some Cheerios from short-pile carpet, as if I was cleaning a place spillage.

The mini motorised device doesn’t have the clearance to let Cheerios below its entrance edge, pushing them about alternatively of rolling more than and sucking them up. Nonetheless, the funnel-shaped worktop device created small function of the spillage.

On a tricky flooring, the Micro Fluffy head gathered all 50g of the flour spillage in a one move, which is fantastic. I repeated this on carpet applying the motorised head and, this time, it collected 46g on a one pass, growing to 49g at the time I’d long gone around the place a few occasions.

On tough flooring, these final results are as excellent as you’d expect from a current Dyson they compare effectively with the Omni-glide and even the best-of-the-vary V15. It is improved at collecting larger particles than rival brands at this price, much too, and the highly effective suction aids it operate tough on dustier messes. On the other hand, even though it proved ample at location-cleaning a carpet, it does not have the first rate-sized motorised floor head you’d want for cleaning complete rooms with fitted carpet.

In use on difficult flooring, the Micro is as gentle and manoeuvrable as you’d count on. It doesn’t have the floating-on-air come to feel of the Dyson Omni-glide, even with remaining lighter, but in contrast with lugging 1 of the V-sequence all around, it feels fantastically agile.

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Dyson Micro 1.5kg: Battery daily life, emptying and filters

With the Micro Fluffy head hooked up, the battery lasted 27mins 7secs in our assessments, which is center of the highway for a cordless vacuum. That is not as long as Dyson’s larger models but is improved than the Omni-glide. With the vacuum’s Max power environment engaged that falls to 9minutes 46 secs, which doesn’t audio like much, but it is a lot long ample for most spot-cleansing jobs that call for the further increase.

The bin is emptied by getting rid of any attachments, holding the unit nose down over a bin and pulling down the lever on the underside – it is just the very same motion that is been utilized across all Dyson’s cordless sticks because the V10, and it functions brilliantly. The lever pops open a door at the base and moves the collection bin down, ejecting most dust and grime in just one swift movement.

Finally, cleaning is straightforward. The filter, the bin and all the attachments can be eradicated from the principal device and cleaned less than functioning drinking water.

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Dyson Micro 1.5kg overview: Verdict

The Dyson Micro 1.5kg is scaled-down, more cost-effective and less complicated to handle than most of the at the moment readily available Dyson versions, but that does not mean it’s an computerized suggestion for everyone wanting for a light-weight vacuum. Indeed, it is good on tricky floors and it would make an exceptional handheld. On the other hand, devoid of a carpet-helpful flooring head, its attraction is confined.

As it stands, if you want a carpet-capable Dyson, you have to edge back to the heavier V7 or V8 versions, or go up to the marginally additional high-priced and a great deal heavier Cyclone V10, when for tricky floors we desire the flexibility and the twin roller of the Dyson Omni-glide.

If not, it may well be ideal to search elsewhere. The Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity is about 1kg heavier than the Micro 1.5kg but it’s less expensive and still substantially lighter and far more manoeuvrable than most other cordless sticks we have examined.

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