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Ghost of Tsushima: All Iki Island Animal Sanctuary Areas

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Wherever do you uncover all of the animal sanctuaries in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut? Animal sanctuaries are areas wherever Jin can rest with friendly creatures — but they only seem on Iki Island, which is a map that’s distinctive to the Director’s Lower model of the activity.

It is worth tracking down just about every animal sanctuary, as you can be rewarded with powerful new charms.

In this Ghost of Tsushima guideline, we are likely to reveal all of the animal sanctuary places throughout Iki Island. For much more information and facts on other useful spots, you could be interested in the next guides: Ghost of Tsushima: All Bamboo Strike Locations, Ghost of Tsushima: All Fox Den and Inari Shrine Places, Ghost of Tsushima: All Haiku Destinations, Ghost of Tsushima: All Shinto Shrine Areas, and Ghost of Tsushima: All Pillar of Honor Destinations.

There are a few forms of animal sanctuaries to uncover: cat, deer, and monkey. Every animal has their individual appeal, which can be additional upgraded by locating far more of the very same animal sanctuary. We’ve included all of the information underneath.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut – All Animal Sanctuary Areas

Under, you can expect to obtain all of the animal sanctuary places in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Lower. Some sanctuaries can only be frequented when close by Mongol enemies have been defeated, so maintain your eyes peeled.

There are a overall of 9 animal sanctuaries in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Reduce.

Cat Sanctuaries

Cat sanctuaries are house to the wild cats of Iki Island. These furry little creatures can be observed scampering around the island’s grassy locales.

Cat Sanctuary Reward: Attraction of Nekoma’s Hunt

Throw kunai at a target during Chain Assassinations to lengthen your vary. Obtaining much more cat sanctuaries strengthens the result of this allure.

Cat Sanctuary – West of Zasho River

Ghost Of Tsushima 20210819135953

Cat Sanctuary – East of Outdated Gambler’s Wood

Ghost Of Tsushima 20210819140007

Cat Sanctuary – North of Barrier Cove

Ghost Of Tsushima 20210819140017

Deer Sanctuaries

Deer sanctuaries are home to the stylish deer of Iki Island. These skittish animals can be noticed all throughout the island, and have a undesirable habit of working proper throughout your path when you the very least expect it.

Deer Sanctuary Reward: Appeal of Sugaru’s Sight

Bows can shoot up to three arrows at as soon as if you have plenty of ammo. Discovering additional deer sanctuaries strengthens the result of this charm.

Deer Sanctuary – Close to Sly Hunter’s Forest

Ghost Of Tsushima 20210819140034

Deer Sanctuary – At Zasho River Crossing

To obtain access to this deer sanctuary, you have to have to clear the Mongol camp at Zasho River Crossing.

Ghost Of Tsushima 20210819140052

Deer Sanctuary – Near Shattered Cliffs

Ghost Of Tsushima 20210819140106

Monkey Sanctuaries

Monkey sanctuaries are home to the cheeky crimson-faced monkeys of Iki Island. These assured creatures can be observed patrolling the island’s rocky coasts.

Monkey Sanctuary Reward: Appeal of Mashira’s Security

Anytime you mend working with Solve, your Ideal Parry and Great Dodge windows are extended for a confined time. Therapeutic prices 1 supplemental Take care of. Locating much more Monkey Sanctuaries strengthens the impact of this allure.

Monkey Sanctuary – On Raider’s Promontory

Ghost Of Tsushima 20210819140117

Monkey Sanctuary – South of Smuggler’s Wood

To gain accessibility to this Monkey Sanctuary, you will need to very clear the Mongol camp at Saruiwa Overlook.

Ghost Of Tsushima 20210819140138

Monkey Sanctuary – The Mountain at Saruiwa

This Monkey Sanctuary is at the pretty best of the mountain. Calls for a lot of platforming.

Ghost Of Tsushima 20210819140148

Have you built friends at all of the animal sanctuaries in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Reduce? Title your favourite creature in the remarks segment down below, and be confident to verify out our Ghost of Tsushima guideline for much more spots guides.