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Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Animal Sanctuary Places

Animal Sanctuaries are the areas in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Minimize where by you can come across friendly animals to loosen up with. You can keep track of down a range of animals to get rewarded with potent new charms. In this guide, we will go over all of the Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Animal Sanctuary Areas.

Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Animal Sanctuary Areas

With the Iki Island enlargement, there is tons of new articles to explore, like animal sanctuaries, archery worries, and a whole lot far more!

There are three sorts of animal sanctuaries to identify: cat, deer, and monkey. Every single of these animal sanctuaries comes with its benefits and charms, which can be upgraded further more.

The whole variety of sanctuaries in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Reduce is 9. Though searching for these animal sanctuaries across Iki Island, you’ll have to be careful as some of them can only be visited when the Mongol enemies in the environment have been defeated.

Let’s get began with these spots one by one particular.

Iki Island Deer Sanctuaries

You will obtain the sophisticated deer of Iki Island in these sanctuaries. These animals will cross your route when you the very least expect it. You will play the flute by sliding your controller up and down when you are around them to befriend them. The reward that you will receive from Deer Sanctuaries in Ghost of Tsushima is the Appeal of Sugaru’s Sight.

Deer Sanctuary #1

You are going to come across the to start with deer sanctuary near Sly Hunter’s Forest on the map. This area is effortlessly identifiable on the map. You’ll occur throughout an aged lady there, and a lower scene will participate in. You’ll be equipped to place some stunning deer on Iki Island in this sanctuary. Play the flute and serenade the exquisite deer.

Deer Sanctuary #2

You will explore the next deer sanctuary in close proximity to the area marked as Shattered Cliffs on the map. Head on there and enjoy the flute to the beloved deer of this sanctuary.

Deer Sanctuary #3

The last deer sanctuary is located at Zasho River Crossing. At the time again, tilt your controller up and down to serenade the deer.

Iki Island Cat Sanctuaries

Going on to the Cat Sanctuaries, you are going to obtain the wild and glorious cats of Iki Island in these places. You’ll locate these furry creatures roaming close to this green piece of land. The reward that you will purchase as a result of visiting these sanctuaries is Allure of Nekoma’s Hunt.

Cat Sanctuary #1

You’ll come across the initially cat sanctuary at the North of Barrier Cove. Head on in the direction of the locked wood cage and keep R2 to unlock it. Then, tilt the controller up and down to engage in the flute and draw in the cat.

Cat Sanctuary #2

The 2nd cat sanctuary is found the west of Zasho River. You are going to have to battle numerous wild creatures along with Mongols in these fields to safe the cat in this sanctuary.

Cat Sanctuary #3

You’ll discover the previous cat sanctuary at the East of Outdated Gambler’s Wood.

Iki Island Monkey Sanctuaries

The wild and incredible monkeys of Iki Island are positioned in these sanctuaries. The reward that you will receive for identifying these confident creatures is Appeal of Mashira’s Defense.

Monkey Sanctuary #1

You will find this sanctuary on Raider’s Promontory. Unlock the brown cage and participate in the flute to befriend the cute monkey.

Monkey Sanctuary #2

Toward the South of Smuggler’s Wood, you’ll find the 2nd Monkey Sanctuary.

Monkey Sanctuary #3

The final Monkey Sanctuary is at the quite major of the Mountain at Saruiwa.