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Is the Dyson V10 Worthy of It? Dyson V10 vs V8 – Explica .co

At times, you never know what you have till it’s gone, and from time to time, the thing that is now gone is a fifty percent-inch thick layer of pet dander and useless pores and skin cells you just vacuumed off your mattress sheets and are now staring slack-jawed at the within of your vacuum canister.

Hi, my title is Carina, and I in no way understood I was f * cking disgusting until finally my uber-strong Dyson vacuum exposed that I was residing like King Rat on major of an avalanche of dust and aged skin cells. This is my story.

V10 Motorhead Vacuum Cleaner

I’d formerly been employing the exact same lightweight $ 40 Amazon vacuum for four a long time, and it was good (or so I considered), until eventually a plastic piece that held the head and the canister jointly broke, leaving the detail fairly bothersome and useless. Way too lazy and low-priced to exploration serious vacuums, I just bought one more 1 on Amazon ($ 40 value tags will do that to you), right until that 1 inevitably broke.

I trudged on, pretending it was good, but then I received a puppy whose only hobby is shedding, manufactured some risky financial choices (all my belongings are tied up in rugs rn because fairly), and that very little POS vacuum was just not cutting it any more. I’d attempt to maneuver it from the hardwood flooring to the carpet and the component that sucks every little thing up would tumble off, getting years off my existence.

Dyson V8 ™ cordless stick vacuum cleaners

dyson dyson.com

So when my mom arrived to decide me up from my apartment for the vacations, I realized it was time for a kabuki theater of “Feel Negative for Me, Seem How Broke I Am” (matinee edition). Here’s how it all went down: The moment she came within, I trotted out my weak orange vacuum, cleaning my blinds and molding and other avoidable nooks and crannies. I figured if I reached up high up ample, the inescapable crash of the vacuum head falling off would be as remarkable and recognizable as doable.

Reader, it worked.

Lo and behold, on Christmas morning, two unwrapped Dysons from Costco sat in the corner of the dwelling room. There was a V8 Animal, especially intended for pet hair, (the V8 Absolute, which arrives with additional brush heads is now on sale at Dyson for 23% off) and a V10 for my mom, since she made a decision she desired 1 too. I rapidly conned her into pondering the V8 was much better and “significantly far more lightweight” (it’s pretty much .1 lb lighter) and certain her to switch. Turns out, often you do get what you fork out for, and I’m legit horrified at the lifestyle of filth I lived in in advance of turning out to be a Dyson owner.

The Dyson V10 Sucks Up the Tiniest Dust Bunnies.

When I brought the device back to my small 400-sq.-foot condominium, I stuffed an complete canister of dust from just my 3×5 living area rug, which I’d “cleaned” throughout that overall performance for my mom. And that was on the Dyson’s reduced placing. Disgusted and fascinated, I proceeded to cleanse every inch of my apartment. Now the only units of measurements I go by are Dyson canisters.

One window A / C device? Two Dyson canisters.
My air purifier filter? ¾ of a Dyson canister.
My curtains? F * CKING Complete CANISTER, Little one.
My bed room rug? Endless canisters. I’m persuaded it won’t end shedding ever.
Underneath my sofa? A person and a 50 % canisters. My quilt go over, where my pet dog ​​sleeps just about every evening: A centimeter of the grossest, very best white dust. Like I was just going to mattress in that every night time, WTF. Also the concentrations of obsession you have to be at to even lift up your vacuum and operate it over your bedspread … the Dyson will do that to you.

The Execs

It cleans shit you under no circumstances even imagined necessary cleaning. Like you will wake up in a fugue point out wondering, Why am I vacuuming the tops of my doorway frames? I can ensure it.

The cordless characteristic is helpful, even if you believe you really don’t need to have a vacuum to be cordless, it will show practical eventually. My condominium is so little that I’m under no circumstances far more than 5 toes from an outlet at all occasions, so cordless wasn’t a feature on the major of my priority checklist, but it truly rules. If you see a lil spill on the kitchen area, you can just lean in excess of and get the machine to choose it up in its place of unwinding the cord, plugging it in, and many others, and so forth.

It is SO Peaceful. On the most affordable ability environment, it’s scarcely a hum — even on hardwood. On carpets, it’s barely registrable. Professional idea: The hardwood head makes it even quieter. I’m av noise-aware Superior Neighbor, and I experience completely high-quality busting this point out at like 4 am when I just cannot snooze.

There’s no icky filter to clean up. My Amazon vacuum was also marketed as getting a filter you’d under no circumstances need to have to swap, but it got soiled Speedy. On this new dude, the filter (the major purple element) locks and snaps into place. That retains it from acquiring gross and dusty over time.

It is easy to lean up versus the wall. I thought the bizarre leading-heaviness design and style of the issue would make it tremendous awkward to lean in opposition to my wall though I billed it. The Dyson has this neat small rubber grippy pad on the base of the handheld foundation, so you can prop it up without panic of your $ 400 expenditure crashing down.

The Downsides

It’s still so, so costly. It’s legit my most prized possession. If an individual broke in and stole my computer, I’d be like, “Whatever, foolish, my ideas are in my head :),” but if somebody stole my cherished Dyson, I’d possibly go to prison for issues my legal professional has told me not to place in writing.

You have to keep the trigger down to use it. Dyson attempts to current market this attribute like it’s a amazing battery-preserving superpower. But as a customer, it is primarily a suffering in the ass. Some folks on-line mentioned they applied cable ties to lock the cause into posture for the duration of use. When I tried this, it wasn’t at ease to hold with the V8 or the V10. Dyson, if you are listening, Please make a set off lock option! It is genuinely really hard for people with arthritic arms or carpal tunnel (me) to hold that sucker down. My location is tremendous little, so it’s not a enormous challenge, but that really shouldn’t even be a component I have to consider for $ 400, you know?

The attachments are silly expensive. I needed a hardwood-flooring head for the superior-targeted visitors locations of my put, but it would’ve been $ 130. If you imagine I’m about to fall just one-third of what I put in on the true vacuum on a cleansing attachment, you are out of your damn Intellect, James Dyson.

The MAX suction (now renamed “Boost”) setting lasts for pretty much — I’m not producing this up — five minutes. You almost never even need to have to use that environment, but the truth that it is advertised as only lasting five minutes stresses me out.

There is a noticeable variance in the energy, ease of use, and storage potential of the V10 and the less costly V8. I’m not confident I’d be this enthusiastic if I just experienced a V8.

Is the Dyson V10 superior than the Dyson V8?

And it is, significantly so. Really don’t get me erroneous: the V8 is continue to legions much better than any other vacuum on the planet, but I performed all around with my mom’s V8 a lot (try to remember, it was originally intended to be mine) and it is not as neat and impressive as the V10.

The most significant suffering position for me is that the V8 only has two power options. You’re both married to 40 minutes of run time on minimal or that laughable six minutes on MAX. Forty minutes or six minutes. Imagine these are your only alternatives. Troublesome. (Yet again although, the V8 Absolute, which has far more than 2,000 critiques and 5 stars, is $ 100 off aka $ 350 aka $ 50 significantly less than the V8 Animal. Annnnnd you are going to get more brush heads for hardwood flooring.)

The V10 bumps that 40 minutes to 60 minutes and has a 3rd alternative between super very low and super superior. TBH, it is truly worth it. Do I know how very long the center environment lasts? No. Do I care? Not.

Emptying the canister is also a lot easier on the V10. You aim the head like you’re capturing dust into the garbage can to vacant it. With the V8, you have to keep the vacuum parallel to the garbage and pull the top rated upward to open up it (it is like the ground dropping out of a vehicle or a thing). It is counterintuitive and has resulted in my pants receiving dusty extra than a couple situations. Charging is also way more quickly (3.5 hrs) on the V10 than the V8 (5 hrs).

Weirdly, the on-line verdict appears to be that the V8 is just as high-quality as the V10, and the V10 also has a surprisingly disappointing low-4 stars on the Dyson web-site. Everything else has a virtually unanimous 4.5-5 star critique. But having played with both equally facet-by-facet in a family with a few pet dogs, I can explain to you they really do not know what they’re talking about. The V10 kills it and is way better than the V8 in every group, palms down.

How do you get the most effective price tag on a Dyson?

My mother and father acquired my Dyson from Costco, wherever pricing was all-around $ 349 for the vacations (with a rebate, I imagine). Consistently priced on Dyson’s web-site, the V10 is priced any where from $ 379 for the V10 Motorhead, the in-in between V10 Animal design at $ 399, or the ballin ‘out V10 Complete for $ 599.

Now, a caveat: The Costco Dyson, aka the Thoroughly clean + is a Costco-exceptional, which conveniently voids it from the Dyson price-matching plan. Tough, I know. When I requested Dyson spokesperson how my Costco-exclude equipment compares with their normal line, they explained to me my edition is amongst the newbie (Motorhead) and intermediate (Animal) variations.

Incredibly, Costco (typically the most economical location to get everything) doesn’t genuinely have a improved offer than Dyson’s have internet site. Correct now, the V10 on Costco is $ 479, and the V10 Motorhead and Animal are both of those way TF significantly less on the brand’s site at $ 379 and $ 399.

My advice is to purchase on Dyson.com. You’ll get no cost two-working day delivery and a bunch of no cost equipment (like that silly hardwood head I preferred so terribly and missed out on for the reason that I got one particular from Costco). My close friend received her vacuum from the Dyson web-site and received hella more heads for free of charge. As another person who loves a deal, I’m upset that I didn’t optimize my collection of vac-attaches by just acquiring it from there in the to start with location. I’ve also not long ago turn into aware of a mattress cleaner attachment, and I now have FOMO.

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The Bottom Line

$ 400 may seem like a great deal to spend on a vacuum, but as soon as you get it, you are going to wonder how you ever lived with out it. I was fortunate adequate to get mine as a gift, but if it came down to it, I’d use my have dollars to acquire yet another a single. (Value noting: I’m so inexpensive that I will tear a tissue in 50 percent to make a box last for a longer time.) I considered I was conserving money by obtaining affordable $ 40 vacuums ahead of, but now I’m just pissed I did not help save that $ 80 and apply it towards the V11.

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