May 16, 2022

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See My Shiny New Pets?

Kitten period by the numbers | Alexandria Instances


By Gina Hardter

Pop quiz: You see a kitten, by alone, exterior on a warm summertime day. What do you do?

Remedy: It depends.

When we see an animal in require, primarily a little one animal, so several of us want to enable. Soon after all, they’re so adorable with their big eyes and round cheeks, features built to evoke a parental instinct in animals and individuals alike. Surely, that animal demands our assistance.

But several periods, the answer that’s greatest for that animal is to leave it alone. This goes for child squirrels, fledgling birds and, as the temperatures warmth up, kittens observed outdoor.

Now that the weather conditions is hotter, we are in peak “kitten period,” so called due to the fact female cats throughout the region are birthing litters of kittens — indoors, outside and a lot of locations in involving. The best and most secure position for those people kittens, 90% of the time, is with that mother cat.

Mama cat is a occupied woman, and she does so substantially for her new child kittens. She feeds them consistently, each individual few several hours, to make absolutely sure they get the diet a expanding feline wants. She keeps them thoroughly clean, since little kittens never know the initial thing about personalized cleanliness. She teaches them how to be social but not mind-boggling to other cats, how to go to the rest room and just frequently how to be a cat.

If that kitten you saw is searching healthier and delighted, it is possible that mom is someplace, using better treatment of her infant than a human could – even if you never see her at that moment. And which is the way it must keep, at minimum till kittens are about 8 weeks outdated and in a position to fend for them selves without having mom.

What about the other 10% of kittens? There are absolutely conditions in which a kitten may require a human helping hand. When do you contact in the specialists to guide a kitten in want?

If a kitten is visibly sick or injured

Mama cat is fantastic, but medicine is at times essential, and which is exactly where the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria arrives in. At times an unwell kitten needs further care through veterinary and foster plans.

If a kitten is trapped or in threat

Kittens are mischievous, and AWLA’s Animal Providers have uncovered them in storm drains, in partitions of design websites and so several other spots. Mama cat is not heading to be equipped to aid these kittens, but animal assistance gurus can.

If a kitten seems to be abandoned by its mother

This just one can be more durable to explain to. Just since mama cat isn’t visible doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not all around, hunting for meal, examining out the space or just having fun with some very well-deserved me-ow time. If the kitten you see appears healthy and clean up, mother is likely however having treatment of him or her. If the kitten appears soiled or undernourished, then it is time to connect with for reinforcements.

But no issue what, remember to do not tackle that kitten. We unquestionably don’t hope absolutely everyone to be cat gurus, gauging kitten age, health and fitness and temperament, and which is why we’re below to assistance. Contact the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria at 703-746-4774 extension 2 or e mail [email protected] with any kitten fears. Soon after all, we all really like kittens. With each other, we can assistance them stay happy, nutritious lives.

The writer is the director of advertising and marketing and communications for the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, a 501(c) (3) nonprofit group supporting Alexandria and past. A lot more info is offered at