February 4, 2023

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The Most Popular Villagers in Animal: Crossing New Horizons as of August 2021

The past month of August brought ahead the community’s favorite competition of them all. Animal Crossing New Horizons at the time all over again celebrated the fireworks day, as these gun-powder-laden add-ons took to the skies. Each and every weekend was rather majestic, as new variants of fiery magic beautified the night’s sky.


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Moreover, this thirty day period was also good for the roster of villagers as some unfamiliar faces rose to the top rated of the checklist. A fast poll inside of the community has exposed 10 names that ended up considered most well known in the thirty day period of August.


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Top 10 villagers that grow to be everyone’s most loved in Animal Crossing New Horizons

This poll was done on the Animal Crossing Portal, and it bifurcated villagers dependent on the votes that they gained. You can still head around to the internet site to solid your vote if you desire to see your preferred villager on the checklist for the thirty day period of September. In the meantime, the end result for August is now out, and below are the top rated 10 extremely sought out villagers of New Horizons.

  • Merenge: This is her initial appearance on the best 10 checklist as she posses a normal personality but she is definitely fairly adorable. Her horn on the best of her snout will make it appear like a strawberry that makes her appear added particular.
  • Marina: She is the only woman octopus with a typical personality. She likes to say the word ‘Blurp’, which is co-associated to her behavior of spewing out ink.
  • Audie: A person of the peppiest wolf villagers, who also has peppy design and style. She loves to say the word Foxtrot as she has been created to glimpse like a fox.
  • Molly: A standard duck type villager with a relatively sweet personality with catchphrase Quackidee. She is a duckling villager but is not unattractive at all but in reality, she is the cutest and one of the most handy villagers.
  • Stitches: This lazy cub villager is rather fond of procrastination. She likes to continue to be indoors and does not take pleasure in stepping out of her room entire of toys.


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  • Judy: One more cub villager has made it to the best 10. Judy is a snooty villager with a most loved catchphrase: myohmy. Her physical appearance is likely one of the most exceptional models in the video game, which makes her just one of the most well-known villagers.
  • Sherb: This goat-type villager enjoys a lazy afternoon and remaining again in his dwelling. He does not like to out and has excellent blue pores and skin that makes him really exceptional.
  • Zucker: This is the 2nd Octopush villager who has made it into the leading 10. Not like his peer, Zucker also carries a laid-back again personality and his beloved catchphrase is ‘Bloop’.
  •  Marshall: He utilised to be the most well-liked villager of the video game despite owning a smug persona. Apparently, he lost his pole placement in conditions of persona, thereby sliding down to the 2nd place. He is an lovely squirrel-form villager who has been everyone’s favored given that without end.
  • Raymond: Some persons would argue that cats make superior animals than dogs. Meanwhile, this poll has uncovered its winner in a cat-style villager that is simply way too fantastic-looking and it could be mainly because of heterochromia.


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What do you imagine about the group poll? Do you agree with their conclusion? Let us know your ideas in the reviews portion underneath.

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